Stay warm in Winter: Hike up a Mountain

We’ve had a pretty solid winter this season here in Southeast PA…well atleast over the past few weeks.

Snow  Day 1
Snow Day 1
Snow  Day  10
Snow day 10 😂

On Jan 28th I was contemplating on what races to sign up for in 2021 and was itching for a challenge. In person races are making a comeback, but depending on what you’re looking for options are still low. I started to think back on adventures I had attempted that tested my guts and grit, and Georgia Death Race (GDR) really stood out. Quickly I looked up if registration was still open for the 2021 edition, and yes it was! So there I was click click, pay, click, confirm, click. And just like that I am in. OH SHIT. I told myself I have 2 months, and if I can put in a solid 6 week training block, taper for 2 maybe I have a shot. Don’t know till you try right?

After I signed up, winter decided to show up in full force of course 🙂 My friend Helene (who is also training for GDR) and I decided to go for mountain repeats at Mt Tammany. This loop is a pretty gnarly one – basically very technical and steep. With snow the “technicality” is sort of smoothed down. The climb was packed, which made it better, but the descent down the blue trail was soft and fluffy with 2 feet of snow in places that you had to wade through. It was a WORKOUT. Spent about 5 hours with more than 5K feet of climbing and called it a day. Definitely the most memorable trip I’ve had up on Mt. Tammany.

Going down the Blue trail

Keep on moving and put in the work. Don’t worry about pace. This will all hopefully help on race day… well ..some race 🙂

Happy Trails ya’ll!

6 more weeks to race day!

Top of Mt. Tammany

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